Winter travel tips that will help you unwind and be prepared

The streets are covered in snow, which can only mean one thing for Nebraska snowbirds – it’s time to take flight to a warmer climate. Vacations are a time to kick back and unwind. By following these five winter travel tips, you can breathe an extra sign of relief knowing you and your family are prepared should an emergency arise.winter travel tips

  1. Know the Weather: Get familiar with weather-related emergencies that are common to your vacation destination. You should also learn how weather warnings are communicated where you’re travelling.
  1. Have a Plan: Know safe shelter locations and evacuation routes at hotels or resorts. In addition, designate a meeting location for your family, should you be split up.
  1. Pack a Kit: Pack a travel-size emergency kit. Don’t forget to include additional prescription medications and baby supplies, if needed.
  1. Get the App: Download helpful emergency preparedness apps to your phone, such as the Red Cross or FEMA apps. These apps provide safety and first aid tips, emergency information and more.
  1. Look at a Map: Don’t rely on electronic devices for navigation. Always keep a map of the area on hand.

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