Go inside OPPD’s cable splicer boot camp [Video]

Only a select group of OPPD employees gets to see what lies beneath the downtown streets. They are the cable splicers. And they’re specially trained to make delicate repairs in confined spaces.

It only makes sense that when they bring new recruits into the mix, supervisors have to be incredibly selective. Click on the above video to see what goes into the hiring process, as OPPD finds three apprentices eager to learn the craft.

The new hires began four-year apprenticeships with the district March 16. They bring the cable splicer group to 15 employees strong.

cable splicer

Jodi Baker

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Jodi Baker writes stories and shoots videos for The Wire. Jodi was a television news reporter before she came to work for OPPD as a media specialist in 2013. She's married with two children (a boy and a girl), who keep her and her husband, Dave, hopping. Busy and blessed.

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