What’s your favorite funky weather term?

shutterstock_107373800, purple sky lightningEvery once in a while a local TV meteorologist will toss out a funky weather term that may cause you to chuckle. The meteorologist may even chuckle themselves. There are just some weather terms that sound funny.

Does “thunder snow” make you giggle? Or maybe “sun shower” is one of your favorite contradictory terms? We’ve compiled a short list of funky weather terms that pop up from time to time in the Midwest. Tell us your favorite by voting in the poll on the top, right corner of the Storm & Outage Center home page.


Laura King-Homan

About Laura King-Homan

Laura King-Homan is a contributor to the Storm & Outage Center and a communications specialist at OPPD. She has nearly 20 years of print journalism and design experience, which lets her tell the stories of OPPD and its employees both graphically and through her writing.

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