Remember these electrical safety tips in winter months

Snow. Ice. High winds.

Nebraskans know to expect these elements during the frosty winter months.

However, they sometimes wreak havoc on power lines and equipment. The aftermath of these storms can bring specific hazards that OPPD wants customers to keep in mind.

Sometimes power lines fall across roads and other nearby property. Please share the following important winter safety reminders with your family:

  • Treat all fallen lines as if they are energized, high voltage and dangerous.
  • Call OPPD at 1-800-554-6773 or 911 to report the situation, and keep people and pets away.

When storms cause such destruction, OPPD reminds customers that safety of OPPD crews and customers remains a top priority. Working conditions can be extremely difficult at times, with high winds, sub-zero temperatures, slick roads and downed trees or other debris.

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