Winter’s winds toy with trees, power

With winter comes windy weather. Winter winds blow around snowflakes and debris, at times, but also can be a culprit for power outages.

Why is wind such a problem?

Winds cause tree branches to sway back and forth, and if they are near power lines, the connection can cause sparks and sometimes result in outages. Power lines also sway with the winds. They are designed to withstand high winds, but the higher the winds, and the longer they blow, the more likely problems may arise.

TRE_Responsibility for trimming_mainFor this reason, OPPD does routine tree trimming for the greenery that grows near its lines and also educates customers on proper planting in these areas.

TRE_Arboretum, generic_lines

If you lose your power, please let OPPD know by reporting it online or via a mobile device, or by calling 1-800-554-6773.

Keep track of outages with our power outage map.



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