Crews navigated treacherous conditions

A widespread, powerful winter storm struck much of the Midwest Jan. 22, and OPPD’s service territory was among those hardest hit.

T&D_Galloping storm_restoration

OPPD crews continue working to restore power after Monday’s massive winter storm. A crew is shown replacing cross-arms in Blair Tuesday morning.

OPPD’s crews were out in full force, working to get the remaining customers without power back online. At its peak, there were 10,996 customers lost power during the storm. The combination of wet, heavy snow, ice and strong winds made conditions treacherous. Many roads and highways across the region were impassable.

T&D_Galloping storm_inside truckA dozen OPPD trucks needed help getting unstuck due to the blizzard and the road conditions, the worst of which were in the rural areas. Despite the dangerous conditions, OPPD crews restored about 80 percent of those without power in 24 hours.

There were reports of a dozen poles and 80 cross-arms that needed replacing. The damage was due to galloping lines, said Ryan Mayberry, manager of OPPD’s Elkhorn Service Center. The galloping lines can eventually cause the cross-arms and even poles to weaken and then break.IMG_20180123_1105511

Crews had to knock ice off transmission lines outside of Arlington to make repairs. There were reports of galloping lines around the OPPD service territory due to widespread icing on the lines.

The following video shows an example of the galloping effect from Monday’s storm.

IMG_20180123_122728T&D_Galloping storm_looking upwinter stormT&D_Galloping storm_crew

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