Each thunderstorm, and its weather, is unique

A “green,” sick appearance to the air, ominous “walls” of dark clouds looming in the west, as residents of the Midwest we’re familiar with the sights and signals of severe weather. But did you know that a perceived “green” color is not necessarily a harbinger of hail, as the old wives’ tale contends?

We spoke to some experts from the National Weather Service office in Valley, Neb., for some insight into the anatomy of a thunderstorm.

thunderstorm diagram

Laura King-Homan

About Laura King-Homan

Laura King-Homan is a contributor to the Storm & Outage Center and a communications specialist at OPPD. She has nearly 20 years of print journalism and design experience, which lets her tell the stories of OPPD and its employees both graphically and through her writing.

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