Keep track of outages in your area with our outage map.

IMG_2243Spring brings out the best in nature — bulbs sprout colorful blossoms, trees produce a new canopy of leaves and lawns green up with a fresh carpet of grass.

However, spring storms can bring the worst in nature: strong winds, tornadoes, winds, thunderstorms… even a late snow storm, all of which can impact power equipment and cause outages.

If you experience an outage, be sure to report it either via or by calling, toll-free, 1-800-554-6773(OPPD). The more detail OPPD dispatchers and resource schedulers know about an outage, the faster they can get crews out to resolve the issue.

Always stay away from downed power lines, and treat them as if they are live and high voltage. Keep people and animals away from them, and immediately report downed lines to 911 or OPPD,.

You can visit the OPPD outage map for information about any power outages in your area.



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    1. Hi Linda,
      If you have not already reported your outage, please contact 1-800-554-6773. Our Customer Care reps will be able to access your account and better help you.

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