Outage impacting more than 1,000 customers

12:20 p.m., May 11

As of 11:59 a.m., crews were able to restore power to all but 25 of the impacted customers. A crew is making plans to replace the fire-damaged junction pole.  This replacement is expected to take approximately eight hours.

Barring any unforeseen issues, we hope to have power restored to those final customers by 8:30 p.m.

11 a.m.

An outage, which began just after 10:30 a.m. is impacting 1,044 customers. They are within the boundaries of McKinley Street and Highway 36 to the north and Ida Street to the south, from 36th Street to the west to 25th Street to the east.

OPPD troubleshooters on-site report there is a pole on fire at North 28th Avenue and Tucker Street. They are waiting for fire crews to extinguish the flames before they can begin switching to start to restore power in sections.

We do not have an estimated time of restoration yet. However, we will post updates here as we learn more.

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