Can you dig it? Better call Nebraska 811 first [Infographic]

That new deck isn’t going to build itself. As you stand with your spade hovering over the lawn, stop. There’s one important step you need to take first – call Nebraska 811.

It’s a step that will not only save you time and money, it’s the law.

Nebraska 811 is a statewide, one-call notification center that links people who plan to excavate or dig with the owners of any underground facilities located on their property. Part of contacting the center is identifying the area where you plan to dig. Once that area is identified, utilities with underground facilities in that area will be contacted. The utilities then have until your requested start date and time to mark their facilities.

John Buckley, manager of T&D Integrated Work Management, and member of the Nebraska 811 Board of Directors, said OPPD responded to 142,161 requests to mark underground facilities in 2014. The peak period for calls is from March to October, when the district can receive around 800 calls per day.

However, not all outdoor projects necessitate a call to Nebraska 811. Buckley said that tilling up a garden may not require a call, but projects such as planting a tree, installing a fence or adding underground sprinklers would qualify.

Nebraska 811 now has a mobile app available. It utilizes GPS to map your location and assist you in identifying the excavation site – all from your smartphone or tablet.

Check out this graphic for tips and instructions about calling Nebraska 811 prior to digging. You’ll be glad you did. In Iowa, you can also call 811 or visit Iowa One Call.

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Laura King-Homan

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