Nebraska public power is you

Nebraska is one-of-a-kind when it comes to electricity service.

It is the only state in the country where residents are served entirely by public power utilities. But how much do you really know about public power?

For example, did you know public power helped electrify farms, rural areas and small towns across Nebraska in the 1930s? That public power is governed by boards elected by the very customers they serve? Were you aware that public power remains a great value for Nebraskans? The state’s electric rates are 15 percent below the national average.

The above video, created by the Nebraska Rural Electric Association ( (NREA), tells the history of public power in Nebraska. NREA is the private, non-profit service association for 34 rural electric systems that provide electric service to customers in most of the rural areas and small towns of Nebraska.

Laura King-Homan

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