Brighter lights for safer conditions

A 2015 Nebraska legislative change allowed OPPD and other public utilities to make their own change meant to make conditions on the road safer for employees.

OPPD and other utilities now use blue and/or amber flashing LEDs when doing construction, maintenance or infrastructure repairs near highways. Those types of lights were reserved for only emergency responder vehicles prior to the law change.

Mike Donahue, manager, Transportation & Construction Equipment, said the blue, LEDs lights have made a difference in what can be dangerous work for crews.

He said it made sense to switch the lights. Utilities need to be visible on the roads, just as law enforcement does.

“Working on roads is always risky,” he said. “The LEDs offer extra visibility and a reminder to other motorists to drive safely. The LEDs get your attention.”

The lights should last for the life of the trucks and are easier on the battery.SAF_Blue Lights_light detail

OPPD is switching its entire truck fleet over in phases. Donahue said several other OPPD divisions who also work on busy roadways have requested and received the blue LEDs.

With OPPD crews working in all kinds of weather conditions and at all hours, greater visibility means safer work conditions.

Jason Kuiper

About Jason Kuiper

Jason Kuiper joined OPPD as a communications specialist in 2015. He formerly worked as a staff writer and reporter at the Omaha World-Herald.