Weekend forecast includes severe storm threat

Severe storms are possible into the weekend, so OPPD personnel are keeping close watch on the weather.

Storms are possible Friday night, as well as on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service out of Valley, Neb.

Heavy weekend rainfall poses a risk for localized flooding. The storms could be accompanied by large hail and damaging winds, which create conditions for scattered power outages.

Why is wind so damaging? Strong winds whip around tree branches that brush up against conductors or bring down limbs that get tangled in power lines and other equipment. That force often causes a lot of damage to power equipment. It takes time to put it back together and restore service.

Report all power outages to OPPD, either online via a computer or mobile device, or by calling 800-554-6773. The more information we have about who is affected, the better job we can do resolving the problem.

If you do run across downed power lines, stay away from them and report them immediately to 911 or OPPD. You can report them online or by calling 800-554-6773.

476x400_AD(Downedlines)4Check impacted areas on our outage map, which updates every 15 minutes.