Nearly all outages from the Sunday morning storms resolved

Aug. 11, 5:30 p.m. – OPPD crews have restored power to all but 40 customers Sunday.  OPPD still has seven troubleshooters, three line crews and a forestry crew are still working to restore power to those customers yet today. Sunday morning’s storm knocked out to power to more than 1,800 customers after blowing across the area.

The National Weather Service is warning that there is the chance of more storms, including high winds and heavy rains possible in the overnight hours into Monday morning. Crews will be ready to respond if those storms are powerful enough to disrupt power.

3:15 p.m. – Crews are making great progress in restoration efforts after Sunday morning’s storm and are now down to 300 customers without power. They will continue to work until the impacted customers have been restored.

12:45 p.m. – The majority of outages outside of Douglas County have been resolved but there has been an increase in the number of outages within Douglas. This is due to an equipment failure near South 34th and Leavenworth Streets that was reported about an hour ago. Crews are working to make repairs there but the number of customers without power has risen to 1,700.

Additional crews have been brought in to work the outages in Douglas County. The repairs are slower going as they are wide-spread and not limited to individual circuitswhich feed large number of customers.

Crews will continue to work through the day to restore power to those impacted by the storm, which rolled through the area just after 6 a.m., causing heavy rains, a large amount of lightning and some high winds.

OPPD’s crews will continue to work as quickly and safely as possible to restore power.

10:45 a.m. –  Crews continue working throughout the OPPD service territory responding to outages caused by the Sunday morning storm.

OPPD has dispatched groups of troubleshooters around the area. Two troubleshooters are currently working the north rural areas, two are in the south rural and five in the metro area, where the vast majority of the outages are. A line crew has also been dispatched to assist.

With the outages being so widespread and the fact that many of them are individual outage reports, an estimate of restoration is not available. However, crews are working as quickly and safely as possible to restore power.

9:30 a.m. – Storms swept through the OPPD service territory Sunay morning causing outages to 1,400 customers. Nearly all the outages are in Douglas County. Crews are working to restore power to those impacted as quickly and safely as possible.


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