Nearly all customers restored after Monday outages

1:40 p.m. – Nearly all the customers impacted by this morning’s outage in Omaha have been restored through switching those customers to different circuits. Crews are working to repair some damaged underground equipment in that area.

Noon – Crews in the Fremont area have restored the rest of the customers impacted by outages there which was likely caused by lightning striking equipment.

Crews in the Omaha outage have restored power to a large portion of those impacted by that outage by switching customers to different circuits. Crews are testing underground cable in an area that spans North 114th to 117th streets and Burt to Nicholas streets to find the fault.

Underground repairs can take longer but they working to restore power as safely as possible yet this afternoon.

10:50 a.m. – OPPD crews are working to restore power in the Fremont area after more than 2,000 customers remain affected.

Troubleshooters in the Douglas County outage are re-patrolling the area after an initial repair failed to hold. They are working as safely as possible to restore power by early Monday afternoon.

10:15 a.m. – OPPD crews continue to patrol lines to locate the cause of Monday morning’s outages impacting more than 4,500 customers around the OPPD service territory. The areas impacted include Douglas, Saunders, Dodge and Washington counties.

While stormy weather hasn’t been confirmed as the cause of the outages, storms did roll through the area Monday morning.

The photo below was taken from U.S. Highway 75, just south of Plattsmouth looking towards Omaha.

storm clouds near Omaha

Monday, Aug. 26, 9:40 a.m. – Crews are responding to several outages around the OPPD service territory, including Douglas, Saunders and Dodge counties impacting nearly 3,000 customers. 

Crews are working to determine the cause but storms rolled through the area this morning and working their way across the Missouri River.


9: 20 a.m. – An OPPD troubleshooter is en route to patrol an outage affecting 1,575 customers in northwest Omaha. The affected area is bound by Blondo Street on the north, West Dodge Road on the south, 108th Street on the east and 120th Street on the west.

No estimated restoration time has been issued at this time and a cause cannot be determined until the troubleshooter completed the patrol of the area.

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