Cloudy with chance of knowledge

Ah, the clouds, dreamy and comfortable. Look up to the clouds and our imagination sees fluffy animals or scary dragons.

But have you ever wondered why clouds look the way they do and what type of weather they may forecast?

Well, there’s a reason clouds look different. See our cloud infographic to learn more about the different types of clouds.




Joe Comstock

About Joe Comstock

Joe Comstock is the creative coordinator for OPPD’s Corporate Marketing & Communications group. Skilled in all things creative, he can make the mundane - magical, the trite - tantalizing and the difficult – digestible.

Angel Ruiz Flores

About Angel Ruiz Flores

Angel Ruiz Flores, an Omaha South High School graduate, is a Legacy I3 student interning at OPPD. Angel works in Economic Development, Corporate Marketing & Communications, and Government Relations.