Sunday power outages

3:40 p.m., Oct. 17

More than 300 customers in Carter Lake are without power. Troubleshooters found a downed power line. This outage was partially restored. However, a crew has been called in to replace the power line in order to fully restore the outage. We do not currently have an estimated restoration time. We’ll post updates here as we learn more.

10:40 a.m., Oct. 17

The power outages in Douglas county, referenced below, are restored.

10:00 a.m., Oct. 17

This morning, OPPD crews are working to restore a power outage that is impacting nearly 300 customers in Douglas County. Troubleshooters determined the cause to be two wires tangled together, likely due to the wind. They hope to have power restored soon.

Our rural crews responded to another power outage overnight in Cass County. This one was caused by a car hitting a utility on Highway 66. It happened just before 2 a.m., knocking out power for 381 customers between 2nd St. and Hwy 66 to the north and Mill Rd. to the south, from Hwy 63 to 310 Rd. Power was restored to all but 64 customers as of 3:38 a.m. Power was restored to the remaining customers once the pole was replaced. The estimated time for that job to be completed was 9 a.m.

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