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1975 tornado

Looking back at the 1975 tornado [Video]

Mother Nature showed her ugly side on May 6 of that year, cutting a 10-mile path of destruction through Omaha. OPPD’s Mike Jones, a local TV reporter at the time, takes a look back at that memorable day.



Our cat, Winston, was mesmerized by the snow and wind.

Vacation tips

6 tips to help you relax while on vacation

Vacations are a time to relax and have fun, but before you leave, make sure you are properly prepared for whatever may come your way. A little planning upfront will help you and your family stay safe.


Damage assessment teams provide critical customer information

An annual OPPD drill simulates a level 2 storm event, a destructive and widespread natural disaster that hits only once or twice a decade. The drill develops readiness skills, points out improvement areas and offers realistic training for the big ones.