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Laura King-Homan is a contributor to the Storm & Outage Center and a communications specialist at Omaha Public Power District. She has nearly 20 years of print journalism and design experience, which lets her tell the stories of OPPD and its employees both graphically and through her writing. Laura and her husband have a teenage daughter and toddler-age son. When she’s not parenting two ends of the childhood spectrum, she’s juggling her DVR space and obsessively consuming TV and pop culture. She hopes that all of her pop culture knowledge will be useful someday, but she’s content just acing trivia quizzes for now.

OPPD Pole Truck

Fathers Day Restore

Phone photo taken of workers rebuilding the power lines along Schneekloth and 27th St next to Pipers Glenn subdivision in Bellevue.


Icy seat

          2017 ice storm – far west Omaha


End of the Rainbow!

Stopped at the gas station in my neighborhood during the 6/29 storm, and to my surprise, i found the end of the rainbow in front of me (144th & Stoneybrook Blvd).