1975 tornado

Looking back at the 1975 tornado [Video]

Mother Nature showed her ugly side on May 6 of that year, cutting a 10-mile path of destruction through Omaha. OPPD’s Mike Jones, a local TV reporter at the time, takes a look back at that memorable day.


Training goes underground

Underground power lines have their advantages; however, repairing them is tricky. See how our crews train to do the job safely and efficiently.


A tale of two storms

One of our experienced storm managers, who is now retired, contrasts how OPPD responded to two storms: one a surprise October 1997 snow storm, the other, a June 2008 wind storm. The difference was in the response. Improvements that were made following the ’97 storm made the 2008 effort go much smoother: faster restoration,  used 280 fewer […]


Damage assessment teams provide critical customer information

An annual OPPD drill simulates a level 2 storm event, a destructive and widespread natural disaster that hits only once or twice a decade. The drill develops readiness skills, points out improvement areas and offers realistic training for the big ones.

Safety video

Stay safe around holiday lights

Nothing says the holidays like the colorful lights that decorate our homes. But those lights can also become an electrical hazard. Follow these tips to keep your holiday lights safe, inside and outside your home.

PGF 02 Energy Saver

Saving energy (in three acts)

Energy thieves are everywhere: wasteful incandescent light bulbs, running and dripping faucets, and dangerous extension cords. Not to fear, Energy Saver is here, courtesy of the Omaha Northwest High Magnet School Men’s Chorus!