Power outage in north central Omaha

We are happy to report that all outages were restored by 10:41 a.m. Our crews switched to another power source to bring customers back online. They will continue to make cable repairs, but those are not expected to impact customers further.

10:15 a.m., Dec. 19   We have an update from our troubleshooter on-site. It appears that this outage was caused by a construction crew hitting a primary underground cable near our substation. We have help on the way to repair cable in order to restore power to those impacted. We do not yet have an estimated time of restoration. But we will keep you updated. We thank our customers for their patience on such a cold day!

9:45 a.m., Dec. 19   A circuit lockout, which started at 9:36 a.m., has  knocked out power to 1,302 Omaha customers. Those impacted are between Grant st. to the north and Webster St. to the south, between 58th St. and 42nd. St.

We do not yet know the cause, but our troublehsooters are on the way to patrol the circuit and determine the source of the problem so that power can be restored. We don’t yet have an estimate for how long that will take. But we will keep you posted.

Power out_rectangle

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