Power outage in North Omaha

As of 11:01 a.m., power was restored to the area of North Omaha impacted by a downed power line.

Our crews continue to respond to other scattered power outages today.

10:10 a.m., Jan. 3, 2023

Currently, 724 customers remain without power due to the downed power line in North Omaha. Those impacted are between Blondo St. and Maple St. from No. 30th St. to No. 40th St. Our crews continue work to restore power in the area. They hope to have power back on by 11 a.m., barring any additional problems.

Our crews are also responding to a number of other scattered power outages in our service territory this morning.

9 a.m., Jan. 3, 2023

OPPD crews are on-site in North Omaha, where a power outage is impacting more than 2,000 customers. These customers lost power at 5:54 a.m. Those impacted are between Pratt St. and Decatur St., from 28th Ave. to 49th St.

The source of the problem is a 3-phase primary power line that is down at 33rd and Lake St. Our crews are working to make repairs. They hope to have power restored by 9:30 a.m., barring any unforeseen problems.

We thank our customers for their patience while we work to bring their lights and furnances back on.

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