The heat is on

 July 27, 2023

Our service territory is under a heat advisory until Friday. It will feel as hot as 100 to 110 degrees. An excessive heat warning is in effect for parts of southeast Nebraska. And our area could see severe weather on Friday, including strong wind, hail, and even the possibility of a tornado.

WEA_Heat Stroke SignsSafety

The heat and humidity could be dangerous for some, especially those working outside. The National Weather Service advises taking frequent breaks, seeking shade whenever possible, and staying hydrated. Our crews working outside will be doing just that, to stay safe while serving our customers. During this weather, they carry extra drinking water, and customers may see them taking frequent breaks in their air-conditioned trucks for their safety.

36540079 – thermometer on the windowsill on the background of the summer heatEnergy Efficiency

Of course, home and business air conditioners will be working extra hard, and that additional usage can really add up when it comes to utility bills. There are some steps you can take to help lessen the load, such as closing curtains or blinds during the day. We have more energy efficiency tips for customers at

We know that electricity is critical on days like these. That’s why when the heat index rises to 95 degrees, OPPD holds over an additional team called a “heat crew,” that acts as support beyond normal working hours, into the evening as needed. This team supports the crew that’s already assigned to this shift. We also ensure we have support staff working in our “storeroom,” to provide equipment that may be needed to complete repairs.

The heat causes extra wear and tear on OPPD’s infrastructure. That’s why we take added steps to help ensure reliable service when customers need it most.  We conduct regular maintenance to help prevent equipment failure. And during hot weather like this week’s, our crews postpone jobs that involve shifting electric loads to avoid overworking the system more than necessary. Read more about the impacts of heat on our electric system, and how we address them, here on OPPD’s The Wire.

If you experience an outage, please be sure to report it right away so that we’re aware of the trouble. You can do so online or by calling 1-800-554-OPPD (6773).

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