OPPD crews working round-the-clock to keep customers safe and warm

Jan. 14, 2024

We know the dangerously cold temperatures continue throughout our service territory and our region have an impact on you and your family, and on our electrical system. The weather came on faster and has been more prolonged than anticipated. According to the National Weather Service, wind chills of -20° or colder are expected Tuesday morning, and we could see another round of -20° to -35° wind chills Friday and Saturday mornings. 

OPPD continues to work around the clock for you, your families and businesses. And we are proactively asking both our business and residential customers to conserve energy today and for the next several days to help keep our systems and your homes safe and energized. Taking these three simple steps not only benefits our customers, but also our neighbors, during the ongoing deep chill: 

  1.  Lower your thermostat by two to four degrees below your normal temperature. 
  2. Avoid using appliances like your washer or dryer or dishwasher,  especially during the peak usage times of 7 to 9 a.m. and 4 to 7 p.m.  Please avoid charging electric vehicles during these time frames, as well.
  3. Plan for the continuing cold by preparing for the potential of power outages related to weather or other causes over the next several days by ensuring you have a flashlight, warm clothes and blankets, and any medication you need, handy.  Charge electronic devices such as laptops and cell phones. 

 Be sure to report unplanned outages at OPPD.com, or by calling 1-800-554-OPPD (6773), so that we are aware and can respond as quickly as safely possible. 

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